4D Cinema in Dallas

Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is right; 4D is exactly what that says. It is pretty surreal since you have just wrapped the idea of 3D around your head. Of course you can depend on great educators and Lego builders to create something as fantastic as 4D.

Lego Land

The 4D cinema will be inside the Lego Land Discovery Center.  The studios will add an important character to their 3D films right before your eyes. The a 3D character is said to come into a fourth dimension by the end of a featured film. How exciting is that? You will also get a chance to view the other 4D creations that will appear such as flurries of wind, rain, lighting, and snow. All 4D creations will burst right into the auditoriums. This is a show you have to see for yourself.

The Lego Land Discovery Center is set to open this week  in the Grapevine Mills Mall. While you’re there you can enjoy other Lego departments like the Lego Mini Land, the Lego Castle , and the Lego City Play Zone.

Image by Lsiegert via Flickr.com

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